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the common breakdowns and removals of CLW bulk feed delivery truck

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the common breakdowns and removals of CLW bulk feed delivery truck

Common breakdowns and removals.



Electronic motor doesn’t work

Check three-phrase connected, and reach to 380Volts electronic pressure;

Check Whether the electronic motor ok;

Check whether the control buttons and AC (alternating current) contactor ok or bad contact;

Electronic motor get stuck

auger inner blocked, open the accessing opening, clean out the feeds blocked the auger;

there is object inside the auger, open the accessing opening to clean out objects.

Auger bearing burn, change burn bearing and assure in normal lubrication.

Auger blocked

Discharging not in turn or large opening of discharging port, adjust the opening degree of discharging port appropriately to discharge the feed of different compartments in turn;

Wrong auger rotation direction, adjust exchange-phase knob or the connecting line order of the electronic motor to make sure the auger rotation direction is the outlet direction;

The loading feed is unsuitable for auger outlet


Lower voltage;

Voltage lack of phase

AC contactor bad contact

Electronic damage

Outlet auger cannot lift

Hydraulic motor without start;

The direction of the hydraulic motor is opposed;

The output pressure of the hydraulic pump not enough, then adjust pressure knob at the hydraulic valve to enlarge the output pressure;

Electronic units bad contact or damaged,

Hydraulic valve stuck, clean the hydraulic valve and change the hydraulic oil. 

the common breakdowns and removals of CLW bulk feed delivery truck

the common breakdowns and removals of CLW bulk feed delivery truck

the common breakdowns and removals of CLW bulk feed delivery truck

With the development of the livestock husbandry, the bulk feeds trucks become more and more important. Some small feedstuff factory actually don’t need large tonnage feed pellet truck. For this, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. designed and produced new small bulk feed transportation trucks for the small feeds factories, that is dongfeng 4ton bulk feed pellet truck-dongfeng furuika bulk grain carrier. This model of powder feed transportation tank truck is with the volume of 8cbm, adopts dongfeng furuika original chassis, high quality and competitive price, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

The feed tank is installed on the truck chassis; there is one mouth for loading at the tank top. And the helical delivering discharging pipe (also called discharging auger) on the tank top can rotate and upraise freely with the upraise angle of 60 degree. When transporting, the helical pipe lay on the tank top; when discharging, upraise. Connected the discharging feed outlet with the top inlet of feed storage tank controlled by the operation device at the driver cab or the tank rear part.

At present, there are 4ton bulk feed truck, 6ton feed pellet truck, 8ton poultry feeds delivery truck, dongfeng Tianjin 10ton-11ton bulk grain truck. And the feed tank volumes of 8cbm, 12cbm, 16cbm, 20cbm, 22cbm,45 cbm bulk feed semitrailer, etc. And we can design the bulk feed truck/trailer upon request.

More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng.

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