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LPG gas dispenser with double nozzles

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LPG gas dispenser with double nozzles


LPG Dispenser- Double Nozzles

Basic Characteristics

*The performance of the mature IC card dispenser is quite stable.

*It has highlight backlight display, which can show unit price, gas amount and sum on both sides.

*The IC card has password protection, which can ensure the safety of personal information.

*Various types of IC cards exist, which is easy for management.

*Explosion-proof receipt printer and explosion-proof IC card reader are equipped.

*Water -proof metal keyboard panel is equipped.

*With its back-ground management system, the gas filling data can be monitored in real-tme.

*Related data can be saved for a long time after black-out and it has black-our repeat display function.

*The gas data of the recent 12.,000times can be displayed repeatdly in case of inspection.

*The accumulative gas filling amount on each shift and the total accumulative valve can be counted.

It has the automatic fault detection function and can show the fault code automatically.

*It has the ability to communicate with other equipement with multiple and optional communication modes.

*Back-ground management system and IC card operation system can be installed, so that the antomation management of the gas station can be achieved.

* It can feed gas to gas vehicles with different knis of connection port.

*It has breaking-away protection, which can make sure that when the car drag away the gas nozzles by accident, the gas nozzles can get free from the car safely and air-tight.

*It has flow-limiting protection to ensure the safety during gas filling.

*It has the automatic temperature compensation (ATC) function and the compensation value can b checked.

*Its ultra-fine filter can guarantee the service life of important components on the dispenser.

*Reflux device is equipped, which is convenient fo the commissioning of the the whole unit.

*The struture of the overall unit is quite reasonalble, which is conbenient for installation and maintenance.

*The operation can be carried out on the keyboard with rich functions, through which the seettings and query of various programs can be accomplished.

*The adoption of REGO safety valve from America can ensure the safety of the system.



LPG gas dispenser with double nozzles




Product Model JYQ-25H
Medium Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)、Methyl Ether
Mesurement Accuracy Level 1.0
Mesurement Repeatability 0.5%
MWP(Max. working pressure 2.5MPa
Flow Range 5~50L/min
Ambient Temperature -40℃~55℃
Ambient Humidity ≤95%
Working voltage AC220×(1±15%)V,(50±1)HZ
Total Power ≤300W
Gas amount L
Sum Yuan
Unit Price


Single Measurement Range 0~9999.99 gas amount or sum
Stored Measurement Range 0~999999.99 gas amount or sum
Unit Price setting range 00.10~99.99
Temperature Compensation Reference temperature for compensation:15℃
Connection Type Hose Coupling
Power ≤300W
Breaking-away valve break away by 400~600N tensile force
Flow-Limiting valve closed when ≥60L/min
Filter Screen 300meshes
Solenoid Valve AC220V,anti-explosion
Explosion-proof mark EX d ib mb ⅡB T4 Gb
Explosion-proof certificate No. CE12.6006
Manufacturing License No. 0300400
Manufacturing Standard LPG dispenser for gas vehicle (GB/T19238-2003)
Verfication procedure LPG dispenser (JJG997-2005)
Installation standard Gas stationdesigna dn construction on specification (GB50156-2002)
Dimension(Length*width*height) 910*560*2100(Take the double nozzle s as example, the dimensions are different for different model of products)
Weight Double Nozzles:260Kg

LPG gas dispenser with double nozzles

LPG gas dispenser with double nozzles

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