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Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

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Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
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Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of sweeper truck, road sweeping  vehicle, vacuum sweeper truck, road cleaning washer  vehicle, street sweeper truck, etc. With many years' development, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could supply ISUZU brand sweeper truck, Dongfeng brand road sweeper truck, HOWO street sweeper truck, Forland road cleaning truck, FAW road sweeping vehicle, JAC road sweeper truck, JMC road sweeper truck, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. And the hot sale line of road sweeper truck is 0086 13329899995.

Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

Forland RHD sweeper truck for sale

Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

dongfeng road sweeper truck for sale

Why to choose our road sweeper truck?

ISUZU street sweeper truck

1,garbage sump size is high , In order to facilitate the rubbish easy, the water tank is arranged in the garbage box bottom, such that

the maximum discharge angles up to 54degrees above, makes the garbage dumping more thoroughly.

2, The hydraulic valve group with well-known domestic brand leader, test pressure can reach35MPa,flow rate up to 300L/Min, can be

of various industrial valves and hydraulic walking hydraulic valve dynamic, static and fatigue life of precision testing.

3, The auxiliary machine air filter intake system design , which can greatly improve the service life of the engine:Engine air intake quality

will directly affect the service life of the engine, the engine inlet air filtration is not good,light can make the power of the engine is reduced,

burning oil, heavy can make the engine cylinder liner and pistonscrapped, so my company in order to maximize the engine's intake quality,not only will the engine air intake to thetop of the box, is still the original air filter front-end increase an oil bath type filtering device, used to bond the gas flow in the fine dust, so that the engine air cleaner.

4, Hydraulic system filter using well-known products, so that the hydraulic system to keep high cleanliness, uses the original hydraulic

oil cooling technology, compared with similar products, the temperature dropped 10 degrees, prolongs the service life of hydraulic oil, hydraulic

system with automatic overload protection device, fully guarantee the safe use of hydraulic system.

5,Cleaning brush made by quality hydraulic motor ,high working effect ,and long life

6,Cleaning device with automatic obstacle avoidance, protection or automatic reset function, brush adopts a spring suspension obstacle

avoidance structure, prevent brush obstacle was damaged in may.

7,The truck's pumping sucker adopts a fully floating connecting structure, can fully guarantee the cleaning operation,chuck can be based

on road conditions, follow-up, to ensure that the sucker and the road clearance remains constant. Posterior sucker walking mechanism is advanced, encountering small deceleration strip easily cross.

8, The left and right front brush disc can be independent or linked, so that the vehicle in work can selectively use rightor left anterior

sweep sweep before working on the side of the highway, make the working mechanism in the choice of the

left and the condition of out body not only reduces the width of Zhandao, improve the operating and traffic safety, and reduce the brush wear, reduce running cost.

9,the original hand pump emergency lifting system, in the side of engine trouble, unable to start the engine, the garbage box rises,

in order to facilitate the repair personnel to repair.

10, a variety of configuration, multiple choice: to make the vehicle truly make a multi-purpose vehicle, the vehicle can also be based on user needs, choose the snow shovel device assembly.


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