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HOT SALE! Thermostatic Pig Carriage Live Livestock van truck for sale, Whatsapp/Wechat/Mob.: +86 13329899995

Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
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HOT SALE! Thermostatic Pig Carriage Live Livestock van truck for sale, Whatsapp/Wechat/Mob.: +86 13329899995
HOT SALE! Thermostatic Pig Carriage Live Livestock van truck for sale, Whatsapp/Wechat/Mob.: +86 13329899995

HOT SALE! Thermostatic Pig Carriage Live Livestock van truck for sale 



Dongfeng Tianlong Thermostatic Pig Carriage Live Livestock and Poultry Transporter Dongfeng Tianjin Twins Pig Carriage Large-scale Pig Carriage Pig Cars with different lengths of more than 4 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters and 8 meters. The size of the body is different, and the selected chassis is different. The urine and feces produced not only pollute the environment, but may also cause the spread of livestock and poultry diseases across regions. In order to overcome the shortcomings of ordinary fence transport vehicles, the chassis parts and the The internal functions will be introduced in detail again: The chicken transporter, which is equipped with a constant temperature system and is manufactured with a new and new technology, has the characteristics of good insulation performance, beautiful appearance, light overall, high strength, and no leakage.


The box body is all stainless steel thermal insulation structure, and the external part of the glass fiber reinforced plastic panel;

1. Layered loading: Two-layer loading mechanism is installed in the box body, through the hydraulic system, the partitions can be lifted and lowered, and each partition is equipped with partitions. Huzhou van type piglet car

2. Feeding system. It consists of a liquid food tank, a pipeline pump, a pipeline, a feeding nozzle, etc., to realize the transportation and feeding of liquid food. Huzhou van type piglet cart Tianjin pull pig cart processing factory customized

3. Constant temperature system. It is composed of a vehicle-mounted refrigerator, a heater, a gas mixing conveying bin, a box exhaust fan, etc., to realize the circulation and constant temperature of the piglet living space. Dongfeng Tianlong constant temperature pig truck

4. Spray system. Composed of air pressure water tank, pipes, sprinklers and sewage collection tank, it sprays and cools the piglets and cleans the tank.

5. Entry and exit channels. The back door is automatically unfolded by the hydraulic system to form a passage for piglets to enter and exit the box, with guardrails.

6. Power supply system. Equipped with a micro generator to supply power to related equipment.


More information of the Thermostatic Pig Carriage Live Livestock and Poultry Transporter, please send email to truck0011@163.com or talk to Anita by Whatsapp/Wechat/Mob.: +86 13329899995


The compartment has the functions of drinking, feeding, automatic lifting, monitoring, and sewage. It is generally three-layered and can accommodate about 400 piglets of 20 kg. At present, the transportation of livestock and poultry in the market is mainly based on fence transport vehicles. Livestock and poultry are in the open air and are greatly affected by hot, cold, rain and snow weather, which can easily cause disease in livestock and poultry, especially young livestock and poultry. The chick transporter (chicken transporter) is based on the van chassis, selected high-quality and high-quality materials, and processed by popular block assembly technology; the main features of the chicken transporter (poultry transporter) are Rainproof, sunscreen, dustproof, anti-theft, environmental protection, high transportation efficiency, etc., and has the characteristics of ventilation, heat preservation, and large loading capacity. Dongfeng Tianlong Thermostatic Pig Carriage The surrounding aluminum alloy edging of the live livestock and poultry transport carriage body; the bottom plate adopts integral cast-in-place glass fiber reinforced plastic.



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