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how to start a mobile food truck business?

Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
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how to start a mobile food truck business?
how to start a mobile food truck business?


The mobile food industry has seen a massive resurgence, especially in big urban areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Miami and San Francisco. From their kitchens-on-wheels, they’re serving everything from crème brulee to escargots to gourmet cupcakes to cuisines from all over the world. And customers are gobbling it up.

The new breed of mobile trucks sport vibrant colors and branding imagery. They are also tech and social media savvy, often using Twitter and Facebook to announce their locations.

Many are owned and run by highly trained chefs and well-known restaurateurs. Restaurant owners looking for additional sales see the mobile food truck as an opportunity to sell food without paying rent. Others see it as their way to enter the food business, hoping eventually to open their own restaurant.


If you are looking to start your own mobile food truck business, here are 10 things to consider:

1. Government Regulation.

2. Getting Permit and Licenses.

3. Startup Capital.

4. Think of Overall Experience5. How Food Will Be Prepared.

how to start a mobile food truck business?

6. Location is critical.

7. Growing Competition between Mobile Food Vendors and Restaurants.

8. Competition from Other Food Trucks.

9. Use of Social Media.

10. Explore other revenue sources. 

Think if you can sell your food items to groceries. A mobile food truck selling empanadas or cupcakes may be able to strike deals with local groceries for distribution. Also consider opportunities online, such as starting an ecommerce store selling the food items. If your mobile food truck has distinct branding, you can sell merchandise such as t-shirts and other novelty products.

Besides the above, i think the most important thing to start a mobile food truck is that to have a high quality mobile food truck.

•For mini food van or other bigger size food truck you need, we can provide customized configuration as your requirements, such as air conditioner, table, washing tank, etc.

•Mobile food cart is used for vending fast food (ice cream, beverage, hot dog, pizza, donut, biscuit, etc.) in the street.

•All kinds of cooking equipments can be installed,such as griddle,steamer,fryers,stainless steel store cabinet,water sinks ,grill,hot dog machine,sugar cane juicer,fridge etc.

•Two or three people can stand inside for cooking.

Product Introduction of mobile food cart design


1. The material of both sides is glass fiber reinforced plastic.


2. The inside and outside of the food cart uses car paint.


3. The backboard of the food cart uses double-layer color steel plate with thermal insulating layer;


4. The material of the front veil is anti-impact board.


5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings; 4 jacks; the tow bar and car wheels are for option.


6. The inside equipments adopts 304 stainless steel.

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