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The technical advantages of High quality telescopic type truck mounted aerial working platform truck

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The technical advantages of High quality telescopic type truck mounted aerial working platform truck
The technical advantages of High quality telescopic type truck mounted aerial working platform truck

The technical advantages of High quality telescopic type truck mounted aerial working platform truck


Introduction and performance characteristics of aerial work trucks:


CLW brand telescopic boom aerial operating vehicle has operating heights of 12 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 21 meters, 28 meters, 29 meters, 45 meters, telescopic working boom, large outrigger span, stability Good, can be operated simultaneously or separately, safe and reliable, compact structure, convenient operation, fast lifting speed, high work efficiency. It is flexible and can work flexibly in tight high-rise buildings. It is the leader of aerial work vehicles and leads the new trend of the industry. It is widely used in installation, maintenance and climbing operations in such industries as municipal administration, electric power, street lights, advertising, communications, photography, gardening, shipbuilding, transportation, docks, airports and ports, emergency rescue, and large industrial and mining enterprises.


More pictures of CLW brand 11m-45m telescopic overhead working platform truck is as below. 


product description of CLW brand telescopic truck mounted aerial working platform manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is as below. 


1. The Jiangling Shunda 14-meter high-altitude operating vehicle adopts a telescopic straight arm structure. The operating arm is a 3-section telescopic type. The turntable can be operated or remotely operated. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees, four hydraulic outriggers, and the maximum load-bearing bucket. 200 kg, stainless steel hoarding, pattern anti-skid walking platform.

2. The working bucket adopts mechanical self-balancing design, its function is that the working bucket is always in a balanced state when working. The maximum extension angle of the forearm is up to 80° in order to adjust to the best working position.

3. Night work lights, operation lights can be installed on the operating table according to the customer's operating environment, making night work safer.

4. Computer control, automatic limit, dangerous work alarm, excellent safety performance. There is a display when getting off the car, which can display the working conditions of the whole car in real time.

5. The hexagonal working arm increases the strength, synchronously expands and contracts, the structure is compact, the working efficiency is high, and the working range is large. The telescopic oil cylinder is installed externally, and the chain telescopic mechanism is easier to observe the fault point and convenient for maintenance.

6. The outrigger adopts the front V and rear H-shaped structure, which has a larger bearing surface and higher stability; it can prevent the car beam from being deformed or broken. The outriggers are individually adjustable, and each outrigger can be adjusted separately according to the working ground environment. Even if the ground is uneven, the whole vehicle can be adjusted to a stable state. All outriggers are equipped with outrigger flashing lights for supporting during operation. The legs are profiled and a light alarm signal is issued.

7. The four vertical outrigger cylinders and the upper arm, lower arm, and forearm cylinders are all equipped with two-way hydraulic locks. The function is to lock the cylinders in place after reaching the required position to prevent accidents. The working arm is equipped with a two-way balance valve to make the working arm run more smoothly.

8. The main components of the vehicle including two-way hydraulic lock, two-way lock balance valve, hydraulic flow valve, hydraulic cylinder, engine start-stop emergency pump, operating system and control computer are all domestic well-known brands, and the core components are imported. Stable commutation, flexible and convenient operation; outriggers and working arms are interlocked, safe and reliable, to prevent misoperation.

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