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why to purchase our CLW brand road dust suction truck?

Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
Good quality refrigerated truck for sales
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why to purchase our CLW brand road dust suction truck?
why to purchase our CLW brand road dust suction truck?

1,the road dust suction truck adopts high quality Euro 3/Euro 4 truck chassis, such as dongfeng brand truck chassis, JMC brand truck chassis, ISUZU truck chassis, JAC brand truck chassis, JAC brand truck chassis, etc.

2, auxiliary engine adopts perfect performance JMC 57KW auxiliary engine,

3, the blower is driven by the automatic clutch, reducing the impact when the starting and stopping the blower. And the clutch is with the advantages of high

abrasion resistance, long lifespan, low noise, low oil consumption, and cost-saving, etc. 

4, the blower adopts high quality China-made brand famous large power abrasion resistant maintenance-free centrifugal blower, no noise, high efficiency, strong air volume, and lasting lifespan.

5, the clean water tank is with the volume of 1cbm, water level alarm inside the tank, and the interior layer of the water tank is with anticorrosion, anti-rusty, anti-virus treatment, assuring the water pump working safe and higher cleaning efficiency.

6, the wastes van volume is 4cbm, installed with imported waterproof filter system inside the van. The van can be tipping for discharging.


7, the main sucking disk is with the width of 1900, and the left-right sucking disks are with the disk of 600mm. The max working width is up to 2.5m, 4 sets of adjustable sucking nozzle wheels, easy to adjust and making sure the perfect distance from sucking disks to  the ground surface, realizing the good cleaning effect.

8, impulse cleaning function, the auxiliary engine is with blast pump and gas cylinder, when up to certain air pressure, start the impulse back blow device, back blow shocking the filter system, assuring the filter drum without any blocking, improving the sucking ability effectively, realizing perfect cleaning performance, computer PLC controlled. The interval of the pulse can be adjusted.

9, the manual button hydraulic system at the driver cab control main sucking disk up-down, left-right sucking disk driving, impulse cleaning, open-close of rear door, tipping and reset of the wastes van, etc.

10, there is camera inside the driver cab, when working, it can keep watch on the left and right sides, main and sub sucking disks working, realizing all round working.

11, hydraulic pipe line adopt Germany Standard technical sealed structure form, with good anti-earthquake function, high sealed reliability,  realizing non leakage sealing effect.

12, high quality hydraulic solenoid valve, the key electronic controlled units adopting German Siemens electronic switch, high reliability and lasting lifespan, etc.

13, the vacuum sweeping vehicle adopts hydraulic units with integrated overlying design, hydraulic-electronic integrated controlling, easy to operate.

14, the vacuum cleaning truck installed with manual portable pump emergency system. If the auxiliary engine stops working, then waste van can be also lifting to maintain.

15, the non stainless steel units are with Electrophoresis rust treatment, with long lifespan.

More pictures of hot sale street dust suction truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below.

why to purchase our CLW brand road dust suction truck?

ISUZU 600P road dust suction truck for sale(1cbm water tank+4cbm dust van)


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